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    RYQ-3(10)A Supercharger balancer

    • product name: RYQ-3(10)A Supercharger balancer
    • Product categories: Supercharger rotor balancing machine
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    • Add the time: 20/01/12
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    Product details

    1. The RYQ - 3 (10) introduced A

    Ryq-3 (10)A is A horizontal double-sided dynamic balancing machine with soft support driven by ring belt. Suitable for balancing supercharger rotor and micro motor rotor

    2. Measurement system

    Industrial control computer, 19 "LCD display (can be customized with touch screen), Windows operating platform

    with the company's independent development of balance measurement system. General software functions cover all the functions of the domestic mainstream balancing machine software, the operation of all the use of Chinese menu structure, operating steps text prompt; Special software includes: all kinds of automatic balancing machine software, software with Angle function, software with automatic positioning function, transmission shaft multi-axis joint school software

    measuring system performance is strong: arbitrary workpiece calibration, measuring speed range wide 80 RPM starting, measuring speed block, unbalance amplitude and phase stability, high deweighting rate and separation ratio, high sensitivity

    software with allowable unbalance calculator, the operator only needs to input the allowable vibration of the workpiece precision level, mass, working speed, and radius click to calculate the number of grams to allow the remaining unbalance of the workpiece

    software completely independent development, according to customer requirements to modify or add software functions (such as scanning the two-dimensional code to add the workpiece identity name to the measurement results to save for future quality investigation)

    Note: please contact us for more information about the equipment

    Manufacturer standard configuration parameters

    Equipment model ryq-3a ryq-10a

    The workpiece quality range is kg 0.1-3 0.3-10

    The maximum diameter of the workpiece is mm 350 350

    Spacing between two supports mm 30-450 30-450

    The diameter range of the belt dragging is mm 150 150

    Support shaft diameter mm 4-17 4-17

    Balance speed r/min when the drag is 50mm in diameter, 400-3000 when the drag is 50mm in diameter, 400-3000

    Minimum residual unbalance 0.5 GMM /kg 0.5 GMM /kg

    Unbalance reduction rate % 90% 90%

    Measuring time 10S (related to measuring speed and setting period)

    Motor power 0.09kw 0.18kw

    Frequency conversion speed regulation frequency conversion speed regulation

    Transmission mode ring belt ring belt

    Single-phase AC 220V, 50/60hz single-phase AC 220V, 50/60hz

    the above is the factory's standard configuration equipment parameters, we support the product, system according to the customer's demand on the length of the equipment, the roller support workpiece shaft diameter range to do equipment structure allows reasonable changes

    equipment can be added without affecting the measurement of performance of reasonable accessories, such as protection


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